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The Course

Rock Creek Country Club is a premier Northwest golf course, established in the late 1950's. As the Rock Creek community began to grow, a golf course was designed and built to service the local area and to enhance the scenic landscape. The designers envisioned an affordable public golf club with a private country club experience. 

What quietly started as a nine-hole public golf course soon developed quickly when a second nine-holes was added a few years later. The result was a course with an interesting and challenging layout in a picturesque setting. 

The original clubhouse was located off the 13th green and included a small pro shop. In 1975, a new group of investors purchased the club and the course become private. The years that followed saw many improvements. The practice areas were revamped, the current clubhouse location was built as well as a separate pro shop. Probably the most significant change was when the front and back nine were reversed. 

The golf course was sold about 10 years later and subsequently owned for the next 20 years by the same family. In 2001, ownership changed once more and since then many improvements have been made to the Pro Shop, Clubhouse and the course. We are proud to say that the Club has never been in better shape than it is today. 

Rock Creek Country Club's golf course is a par 72 and spans 5441 to 6700 yards depending on tee location.  


Hole 1

Uphill, with a bunker guarding the front left of the green. Out of bounds on left and right. 


Hole 4

Dogleg right with a pond guarding the right corner of dogleg. Willow tree in front of the pond on right. Sand trap in front of the green on the right. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 2

Downhill, bending left with a bunker guarding the front left of the green. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 5

Uphill, straightaway, with water guarding the right side of green and sand trap on the left front. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 3

Downhill with two-tiered green, bunkers left and right. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 6

Slight downhill, straightaway with one bunker on the left side of green. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 7 

Two tiered green with bunkers left and right. 


Hole 10

Short, downhill with a creek crossing the fairway on approach shot. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 8

Dogleg left with bunkers left and right of green. 


Hole 11

Uphill with a severely slopped green back to front. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 9 

Downhill slight dogleg right with bunker short right of green. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 12

Slight downhill, straightaway with fairway bunker left. Only par 4 without a bunker by the green, but green is elevated. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 13

Uphill with church pew bunkers on right side of fairway off tee. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 16

Straightaway with bunker short right of green. 


Hole 14

Sharp dogleg left, with one bunker short left of green. Out of bounds left. 


Hole 17

Straightaway with a creek crossing fairway at 140 yards from green. Out of bounds left.


Hole 15

Signature hole, with water short and right of green, bunker left of green. 


Hole 18

Uphill, with bunkers left and right of green. Out of bounds left. 

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