Put Down the Pinterest

By LM @ Rock Creek CC

Oh Pinterest, we all know and love it well. The pictures, the inspiration, the DIY-ness of it all. But is there ever a time when Pinterest becomes too much of a good thing? Here we look at the when and how of using this search based site to help plan your wedding.

Let me start with a story, I have a wonderful cousin who recently got married. I offered to help her coordinate and set up for her reception, working with the vendors, décor details, the like. I arrived the day before the wedding and got busy getting all the totes of stuff she had gathered for the past year and turning that into a streamlined décor scheme. She had a great color scheme and venue so it wasn’t hard to achieve her vision, until the phone calls started coming in. She wanted hand calligraphy signs…”okay, done”. Then she wants a selfie station…”sure, here’s a frame and some ribbon, done”. She wants there to be organza draping behind the sweetheart table…”why?” On and on. I finally had to stop her at about 1 in the morning. Not only was she driving me crazy, but she was driving herself crazy. The problem? Pinterest. She went on Pinterest the day before her wedding and saw a bunch of new ideas that she wanted and believed that she needed to have. It made her second guess a lot of the decisions she had already made. In the end, we got the projects done, and her wedding was beautiful, and she was happy, which is all I wanted for my cousin.

But it made me wonder, when does Pinterest go from being helpful to a hindrance?

Pinterest weddings are all the rage, the topic has its own category on the website, and gives a viewer a chance to look at many ideas for weddings. In the planning stages this is a great tool. It offers a deep look at the hottest trends of the season, color options, how to DIY some of it, where to spend money, and all the other information that you need to make design decisions, and keep it all in one place. This is a great tool, because then you can take these ideas to your wedding planner or family members who are helping you and be able to bring the vision in your head to life. It is a tool where people with experience are able to reach those who may not have that same familiarity. By all means use it. It is a great tool.

But here are the things to remember when using Pinterest:

  1. Plan for the season and time that you are getting married in. People start planning weddings months to years in advance, so what is popular in the spring may not be in the winter when you are actually holding your nuptials. Weddings have trends just like fashion, and they can come and go quickly.
  2. Remember that the majority of the photography on there is by professionals and so are the weddings and designs. You can achieve great results, but remember that your version may not look exactly like the photo. Those photos show a set up with an unlimited budget, a professional designer, and professional photographer. They are made and edited to look that good, it is advertising.
  3. Only take on what you can manage. If you are crafty, and looking to DIY parts of your wedding décor, then make sure that you only do what you can handle. The days leading up to the wedding are already stressful enough, so make sure that you don’t push yourself with more and more projects. Do the projects early, and do projects that you can achieve. If you have never done a technique before, then either practice before starting the final, or go with something different. Nothing will bother somebody more than having photos of an art project that is not perfect for to them.
  4. Put down the Pinterest board. After a certain point, you just have to log out of your Pinterest account and leave it be. You have made the decisions that you are happy with, and looking at more ideas is just going to drive you crazy. Don’t doubt the choices that you made. Those are the ones that are going to be the best for your wedding because they were made when you had a clear head.

Overall, use Pinterest as a tool not a crutch. Gather your initial ideas that match the theme of what you want, and then do those. Don’t try to do too much, otherwise you will just drive yourself crazy. Pinterest is a great place to gather your thoughts and ideas, so do just that, and then leave it be.


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