Viral Vows: Why you should ask your Guests to Unplug

By: LM @ Rock Creek CC

It is your wedding day, you have spent the past several months prepping, and planning, and it is finally here. You are about to see your future husband or wife for the first time across the aisle as you walk towards them. The doors, open, you look up…and you can’t see them because there are a hundred camera phones in your way.


Your first thought, “Where is the photographer I hired to take pictures?” Well they are there, but even they can’t see you or get a good shot because of the intrusiveness of somebody’s hand with a phone right in the middle of the frame.

1. Groom has to lean to see his bride! ©Thomas Stewart Photography


These days’ couples are having to ask their guests to unplug during the wedding ceremony, and for good reason. Guests and their cameras/phones are quickly becoming one of the most prevalent issues during a wedding. Between standing instead of sitting, walking around, standing in the way of the aisle, getting in the way of the bridal party, etc. (Note photo above). You asked these people to be guests and to witness one of the most special days of your life. They should do you the honor of being present, not trying to see it from behind a lens. Look around on Pinterest or other wedding blogs and you see more and more creative signs asking the guests of how to be involved in the ceremony and reception. The couple want you to see them and them to see you, and your faces, and your emotions at such a joyous occasion.


As a guest you have been asked to be a part of a couple’s special day, and they have spent a lot of time and money putting this all together. Including, hiring a photographer. That means let the photographer do their job. Once the couple have received their photos back from the photographer, (which trust me, look much better than the photos you can get on a phone) they will most likely share them on their social media pages. And if they choose to only share a few – or none, that’s okay, because it was their wedding. Let them choose to celebrate and share the way they want.


             2 ©Lauren Fair Photography                                                                  3 © April B Photography



          4. Bokeh Amore Photography

Now this is not an argument for people to completely ditch their phones, just that there is a time and a place for them during a wedding, and that is at the reception after all the traditions (food, first dance, bouquet toss, etc.) and speeches have past. Heck, couples are even creating their own wedding websites, couple or wedding hashtags, selfie stations, for photos that people take and share. This gives the bride and groom less formal and fun photos of the party/celebration, since they can’t be with every guest for the entirety of the reception.


So if you see a sign at a wedding asking you to unplug, please respect the wishes of the Bride and Groom, because it is for a good reason. They are asking you to be present to their union, and that is a special honor. So turn the phone off and leave the camera at home, because this is a celebration, and one you do not want to miss. 

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