2017 Wedding Cake Trends

The cutting of the cake, a traditional moment during the wedding reception where the new Mr. and Mrs., cut a slice of cake together and feed it to their spouse…or smash it in their face. Wedding cakes have evolved from a more traditional symbolize, to being a centerpiece to the theme of the wedding. While it still holds the idea of being a tradition, couples now like to customize the idea of the wedding cake to fit their personality. 

There are no rules for how a cake has to look anymore. It is all about what the bride and groom like. Now that weddings are more personalized affairs, it just makes sense that the focal point of the reception match that as well. Also, with how creative and skilled bakers are becoming it is a wonderful way for you to showcase something a little more fun as well as delicious.

Here is our list for the most popular cake trending for 2017:

Textured Cakes

Anything goes for 2017, as long as there is texture. Marbling, dark colors, flowers and even branches all add interest to popular cakes. Many bakers are skilled artists and sculptors, and so if there is a hobby, a place, or a theme that you want to portray in your cake, it is possible.  A wedding doesn’t have to be all serious, so why not let your cake be something memorable?

Grey Wedding Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon Marbled Wedding Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon Black Wedding Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon

Naked Cakes

Oh boy, are these desserts trending right now! I mean they are everywhere, and for good reason. The naked cake is simplistic and modern, vintage and fun. If you aren’t a fan of fondant, then this is the cake for you. This beautiful cake showcases the actual dessert in its true form. It looks more homemade, but add some amazing piping, colored cake layers, or flowers and berries and you have one stunning centerpiece.

Naked Wedding Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon

Alternatives to Cake

I will be honest, I am not a huge cake fan, or maybe it is the frosting. However, that is no longer a problem when it comes to a wedding dessert. It is totally acceptable to offer something other than cake at your wedding. Pie, ice cream, macarons, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, etc. all can be presented and appreciated as your wedding dessert.

Smores Wedding Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon Macaroon Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon Pie Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon

Cheesecake Wedding Cake Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon Cheese Tower Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon 

Whatever you decide to choose, remember to make it special to you. Whether that is traditional, whimsical, or totally out of the box. Remember that the wedding is to celebrate the couple and the life that they are going to create together. So keep it personal and your wedding will take the cake!

Ice Cream Cart Wedding Rock Creek Country Club Portland Oregon

Alternative Cake Photo Credit: Chic Vintage Brides

Marble Cake Credit: Wed Luxe

Grey Cake Credit: Magnolia Rouge

Naked Cake Credit: Aisle Perfect

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