2016 Wedding Trends Part 1

The trends we are seeing for the 2016 wedding season

Rock Creek is gearing up for a great wedding season, we have some wonderful couples with some wonderful ideas for their big day, and we can't wait to see how beautiful everything turns out.

Getting ready for the new wedding season is also exciting because we get to see how wedding trends are changing and emerging through each couple or designers ideas of how to elevate the "Big Day" .Now a wedding is still supposed to be everything that emulates the couple. It is their day and the story of their two life merging into one. But here are the new themes that we are loving

Getting Sentimental:

So much of what we are seeing is the celebration of the couple and their back story brought into their wedding as their theme. Hints of the outdoors, the place where they got engaged, their favorite food, etc. The ideas are endless. Themes can be brought in through props, decorations, food, that way no matter where the event is being held there is still a familiar feel to the event. This is where we believe in the saying "It is your big day!" Make it yours.

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Oh my goodness...FLOWERS! we are having so much fun looking at all the new flower and centerpiece designs that are coming out. Dreamy, modern, simple, over the top, low or tall, it is all over the place and we love it! Now of course you need to pick a deisng that best suits your wedding and its theme, but don't forget to have fun with it too. Flowers are a great way to bring in a pop of color, they finish a table, they add dimension, and they overall just look pretty. But all not all centerpieces need be all flowers, I'm talking succulents, feathers, fruits, natural elements, oh my! Adding in these new pieces creates a unique aspect to your celebration, and your overall decor theme. 

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There are so many opportunities to bring in your own sense of style to your wedding. Just remember to have fun with it. There are so many elements to a wedding, but remembering the details will make it all the more memorable. Just remember to make it fun and make it yours. 

"From today until your day, we do,"

~The Rock Creek Events Team


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