Winter Wedding

"Walking in a winter wonderland.."

There is no greater time than the holiday season. It is magical when people decorate their houses, celebrate family, the food, the festivities!

That is why a wedding in the winter is perfect. If you are a coupl ewho loves to take waklks int he fresh snow, enjoying the quiet and beautiful scenery or love the traditions with family and friends, why not take advantage and inspiration from nature and the holidays to create your perfect day. 

With a winter wedding you have so many choices for decor. You can go more towards a warm setting with dark reds, gold, evergreens.

You can match the snowy setting outside with creams, whites, blues, silver. 

There are so many options. 

Our favorites at the club are what we are calling:

Modern Cabin-

With our event spaces here at the club we have mix of the outdoors in. We have inspiration from plaid, gold, pinecones, burlap, wood (both in a lasercut word designs and birch stumps that we have created into a natural vignette). Mixing the mixing the natural tones of warm red, green, chocolate and ivory with silver, gold, lights, and sparkles: because who doesn't want a little sparkle at their wedding?! This is one of those themes that makes you want to cuddle up next to fire under a blanket with the one you love and share in the spirit of winter


Winter Wonderland-

This theme can be so simplistic or extravagant, leaning on the peaceful and elegant colors of winter, white, blue, slate, silver, and metallic. This is a beautifully modern theme that is light and airy and pays homage to the frost that bites at your cheeks when you go outside. It is pure and serene, a great exampleof the love that two people are sharing with each other in marriage. 



While these two themes may seem and are very two different looks we enjoy, that is not say thet you can't combine them. Blue with pops of red is a gorgeous pairing (you could title your theme "Berries and Frost") you could add metallics and bling to your burlap ribbon to add some more sparkle to your natural theme. A winter wedding is already a special occasion, you can dress it up however best fits your vision. But remember to use the natural wonder of the season (especially if you live in an area that gets snow) to enhance the look and feel of your winter wedding. 




Photo Credits:

Top Left: Bouquet via Intimate Weddings/ Candles via Knots Villa/Bridal Dress-Anastasiya Belik Photography 

via Burnett’s Board/Shoes-Kibogo Photography via Magnolia Rouge/Bridesmaids via

Top Right: stylemepretty,  deerpearlflowersbrides

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