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Put Down the Pinterest

By LM @ Rock Creek CC

Viral Vows: Why you should ask your Guests to Unplug

By: LM @ Rock Creek CC

Question Your Caterer

Here are the questions and reasons why to interview potential caterers.

Unique Wedding Venues in Portland, Oregon

Unique modern, vineyard, tent and nature-themed wedding venues in Portland, Oregon.

2017 Wedding Cake Trends

The cutting of the cake, a traditional moment during the wedding reception where the new Mr. and Mrs., cut a slice of cake together and feed it to their spouse…or smash it in their face. Wedding cakes have evolved from a more traditional symbolize, to being a centerpiece to the theme of the wedding. While it still holds the idea of being a tradition, couples now like to customize the idea of the…

Our favorite 2016-2017 Wedding Decor Trends, Part 2

2016-2017 Wedding Decor Trends

2016 Wedding Trends Part 1

The trends we are seeing for the 2016 wedding season

Winter Wedding

"Walking in a winter wonderland.."

Chiavari Chairs

Meet the Chiavari chair: Classic, elegant and simple. This chair has been around since the beginning of thr 19th Century, when it was invented near the Italian coast. Chances are you've probably seen this design classic at a wedding you've been to. These chairs come in a bunch of colors and finishes, to fit into with whatever theme you may have dreamed up!

Chairs are like the cherry on top…

Tent Receptions & Weddings

Tent receptions don't have to be boring and predictable. Adding a theme and some creative decorations can transform a blank canvas into a creative and attractive end result. Add rope light walls, swag contrasting fabric, suspend unique chandeliers or objects to transform your tent into an incredible ceremony or reception.


Here are some of our favorites: