Operational Plans during the Current Health Crisis

MARCH 31st, 2020

After some confusion surrounding today's executive order, we are pleased to announce that we have received clarification from the Governor's office specifying golf courses may stay open for business provided they are following social distancing and safety precautions:

"Golf is allowed as long as the social distancing measures are in place, country club activities for a gathering would not be allowed. We categorized golf similar to a hike or outdoor activity, rather than through “essential travel” which is meant to stop vacations."

Leah Horner 

Regional Solutions Director 

Jobs & Economy Policy Advisor

Office of Governor Kate Brown 

The Club has implemented additional measures to ensure Member safety:
  • The temporary suspension of Clubs and pot games to discourage social grouping (Tee times will still be available).
  • Tee times will be spaced out in 12 minute increments instead of 10.
  • The Clubhouse Locker Rooms will be shut as we cannot police these spaces. Should you need to get into your locker, a member of staff will let you in to access your belongings. We will not be charging locker rental fees at this time.
  • We will be waiving the Food & Beverage minimum for quarter 1.
  • Member-owned carts should only be shared by those living together: family, roommates or partners.
  • Additional course Marshall shifts to maintain safety.
  • Those not abiding by social distancing rules will be asked to leave.
  • Paperless Scoring-We will temporarily halt posting scores in the golf shop. Instead, please post your score online by visiting:  www.ghin.com/login. You may also download the app on your phone (called “GHIN Mobile” by USGA) to post your score as your play your round. You will need your GHIN number to post your score. If you don’t know what your GHIN number ism please call the Pro Shop at (503) 645-1101.
We will continue to maintain the following policies we announced last week:

Golf: Open Tee Times for the Foreseeable Future

We are moving all golf to open tee times and will not be using the shotgun format for the next month. We will not allow walk-ons, so please make a tee time in advance or we will be forced to turn people away.

Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time so we can avoid too many people congregating in one place.

Club Play

Club play is suspended as are pot games at this time.   

The Pro Shop

Member’s will not have access inside the Pro Shop. Instead, all but one door will be locked and a table will be placed as a protective barrier in case Member’s wish to purchase vending or charge something to their account. Please note, we are only accepting the following payment methods for Pro Shop purchases: Charges to Member Accounts and credit cards called in over the phone. We will not be accepting cash or physical swiping credit/debit cards for any transactions, including dues.

Cart Rentals

Power rental carts are no longer available. Anyone on the annual cart program will not be charged for the month of April and will receive an extra credit equivalent to half a month (to make of for the second half of March) once this program resumes. Complimentary pull carts will be available and will be sanitized with bleach after every use.  Member carts are still allowed on the course.

The Driving Range

The Driving Range is closed due to an inability to guarantee sanitization of baskets and balls. 

Practice Areas (Chipping & Putting)

These areas are ONLY available to Members in the 15 minutes immediately prior to their scheduled tee time. Member’s must abide by the 6 foot physical distances rule if there is another party using the area. We will not let individuals or groups use the practice areas without a tee time.

Posting Scores

We will temporarily halt posting scores in the golf shop for our Members. Please post your score online when you get home by visiting: https://www.ghin.com/login. You will need your GHIN number to do so. Please call the Pro Shop at (503) 645-1101 if you don’t know what your GHIN number is. Alternatively, you may download the app on your phone (“GHIN Mobile” by USGA) to post your score before you leave our facility.

Beverage Cart Service

A government mandate went into effect that we cannot sell any food or beverages that can be consumed on-site, so cart service is suspended until this mandate is lifted


Beer and wine are still being sold in the Pro Shop and count towards your F&B minimum. However, these cannot be consumed on the course or on campus.

Course Opening Hours:

7:30am-5:30pm daily

The Grill/Clubhouse

The Grill and the Clubhouse will be closed for the next four weeks (The locker rooms will remain open, however). There will be no weekly Wednesday Night Supper service until we are able to open back up.

Food & Beverage Minimums

Minimums for this quarter will be reduced to $75.00 instead of $90.00. You may still buy alcohol through the Pro Shop to count towards your minimum. 

Special Events

All special events, including catered member events, are cancelled through the month of April. If you have any questions, please contact the events team at events@rockcreekcc.com. We will be reaching out to our clients to reschedule events, if possible.

The Business Office

Our Business Office staff will be working from home the majority of the time but can be reached via email for all questions or issues. 

Billing questions: office@rockcreekcc.com  

Membership contract questions: manager@rockcreekcc.com 

Changes to the Course/Play:

  • Please be cautious to carefully remove the ball- avoiding touching the cup as much as possible. 
  • We would encourage everyone to play “gimmes” within your group,
  • Water jugs, rakes and ball washers are being removed- please bring your own water. Avoid using benches.
  • Course bathrooms will stay open and will be sanitized twice a day- mornings and afternoons

Please note that this is our current plan for the near future, but it is subject to change. It is our pleasure to continue to serve you while at the same time taking steps to keep our Members and Staff safe. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take things day-by-day.


April Shahum

General Manager, Rock Creek Country Club


Pro Shop Contact Info:

Phone: (503)645-1101

Email: golfshop@rockcreekcc.com