Rock Creek Cup Results

Saturday October 27th 2018


 Before we get to today’s play we want to thank everyone who has been a part of the Men’s Club at Rock Creek in 2018.  Without all of you we could not have the success we have seen this year.  Since we began tracking Men’s Club play in 2005 no season has been better than 2018.  We have averaged over 82 participants each week during the peak season (Mar-Oct) and have played for an all-time record of 37K during this period.


Rock Creek Cup began in 2008 as the pros were brainstorming of ways to say thanks for those who play in our events each year.  One player in particular stood out as a consistent participant in Rock Creek Men’s Club play, Dan Remington.  Not knowing the future, we embarked on a quest to provide the members with a season long event that rewarded equally participation and performance. 

 11 years later Dan Remington won the NET Rock Creek Cup!  Dan continues to look for ways to improve his game and this year he invested in a Scotty Cameron Putter.  In Dan’s words, “It is more consistent than any putter he has ever had, and has great feel.”  Dan worked on his putting stroke yesterday to get ready to compete.  Dan shot a gross 79, net 69 to win by just 3 points over defending champ Bill Cole.  Last season Bill played great the final round and came from behind.  Let’s give him a hand for finishing 1-2 in back to back seasons which has never been done before!  On the podium finishing in 3rd for the 1st time ever were Bryan Malonson and Trevan Nelson.  Great job fellas!

Dan Remington 2018 Rock Creek Cup Net Champion



Your Gross Cup Champion was crowned today by shooting a very good 3 under par 69.  Congrats to 1st time ever winner, Steven DaSilva!  Steven was the runner up last year and made a commitment to Rock Creek Men’s Club for 2018 and it showed!!!  Runner up and just 10 points back was Dimitre Popov.  Dimitre’s first ever season at Rock Creek was a banner year.  A fine young player with plenty of game.  Another great player new to Rock Creek this year is Tyler Armstrong!  Tyler competed hard all season and was rewarded with a 3rd place finish.  Only 12 points behind Steven he is looking forward to 2019.

Steven DaSilva 2018 Rock Creek Cup Gross Champion


Thank you to everyone!

Chuck, Chris and Jeff

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