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Dr. Paul Blaylock


Paul Blaylock’s life reads like nothing else you have seen before. It is a "rags to riches" story interspersed with wild tales and chance encounters (he met Elvis, and received his first cigar from “the King” after the birth of his Presley's daughter in the hospital where Blaylock was a med student.)

Born in a small town in Tennessee to parents who were itinerant farmers, he couldn’t read or write. But through hard work and determination by 16 years of age he was a young man who was graduating college after testing two grades ahead. He spent his college days at the University of Tennessee and was nothing short of an amazing student. He was valedictorian and top of his class in the medical school. Then also top of his class at the Northwestern Law School at Lewis and Clark.

A man who has helped more than 100,000 patients, has been practicing medicine since 1972 with no immediate plans to retire, visited 62 countries in 27 years, works with the Red Cross and more, he has had the distinct honor of being named one of the University of Tennessee’s 100 most outstanding graduates along with the likes of Peyton Manning, Scott Kelly and more. In September of this year he will also be recognized but the UT Medical School as an “Outstanding Alumnus”.


We congratulate Paul Blaylock on all his success, and are very proud to have him be a part of the Rock Creek CC community!

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