Civil War Tournament Results

After calibrating the shellacking that the Ducks put on the Beavers on the field last night (69-10!) the Ducks won Rock Creek’s version of the Civil War!!!

 MVP’s of the Ducks were the trio of John Delong, Mark McNeeley, and Nelson Keljo who contributed the most points with 42 each.  Even though Steven DaSilva three putted twice he still shot an incredible gross score of 7 under par 65!!!  He was the MVP of the Beavers.

Results Here!

 Winners of the squares can pick up their cash in the pro shop:

 1st quarter winner: Barry Larson $80

Neighbors: Brian Mann, Earl Frank, Dick Barry, Bill Cole $10 each

 2nd quarter winner: Earl Frank $80

Neighbors: Billy Cole, Barry Larson, Nelson Keljo, Mike Van Orman $10 each

 3rd quarter winner: John Doss $80

Neighbors: Jeff DuMont, Chuck DaSilva, Earl Frank, Lee Morris $10 each

 4th quarter winner: Dick Barry $100

Neighbors: Lee Morris, Lee Morris, Bob Berry, Lindsay Wallace $10 each

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