Operational Plans during the Current Health Crisis

May 11th, 2020

Attention RCCC Ladies,

We are happy to inform you that we will resume our Ladies Club Play Days starting this coming Tuesday, May 12th! Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior your tee time and check in will be at the golf shop.

Please note:

  • You must be a current member of the RCCC Ladies Club to compete (unless you pay the $5 entry fee as a guest)
  • No more gimmes, please hole all putts with the flagstick in (do not touch any part of the flagstick)
  • *MAINTAIN 6 FEET OF SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES!!!* If this rule is not adhered to at all times. We cannot stress this enough!! No high fives, fist bumps, elbow bumps, sharing golf carts (unless living in the same household), exchanging cash, etc.
  • Scorecards will NOT be given out at the course, you must print your own scorecards from home. Click on the following link for the scorecard. *RCCC SCORECARD* <https://www.rockcreekcountryclub.com/IMG_4632.jpg> Designate one person to keep official score. They should be the only person to physically touch the scorecard. Verbally check scores after the round with fellow competitors (*while maintaining social distance*).
  • Immediately after the round, have the designated scorekeeper come to the pro shop and place the completed scorecard on the table inside the pro shop. We will take a picture and enter scores into Golf Genius. We will post all scores to GHIN.
  • Game will be a blind draw team and individual.
We appreciate your cooperation!
Jeff Kragt
Head Professional & Membership Sales



May 8th, 2020

Dear Members of RCCC,

Thank you for your continued support of the Club! We have some new operational changes coming down the pipeline in order to keep things running smoothly as we have seen an increased number of rounds on the course and want to ensure our Members can all continue to make use of the course.

Driving Range

We are pleased to announce we will soon be re-opening the Driving Range once again. Our expected launch date is tentatively penciled in for Saturday May 16th, 2020 but is subject to change. Please read below for more information on our PLANNED safety measures:

  • The Range will be open to Members from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. No public will be allowed as we want to dedicate this amenity to our Members (and their Guests) for the time being.
  • Staff will keep the Range stocked balls in piles. We will be space hitting stations at least 6 feet apart, if not more. Staff will monitor and replenish balls throughout the day, so Members and their Guests should never have to touch a basket or scoop balls.
  • Practice will likely be limited to mats only.
  • We ask that members limit their practice time to a ½ hour to give all Members an opportunity to practice.
  • At the end of each day, Staff will clean all range balls with both soap and bleach.
  • All balls will be removed from the teeing area at 6:30 pm each day. 


Chipping Green

  • Practice Chipping Green will be limited to 3 people at a time and you must use your own golf balls (No range balls allowed).


  • The Golf Shop will be reserving 3 tee times per day to give to Members that have not been able to access the course and/or that are unable to utilize the online booking feature. They will be given at the Staff’s discretion.
  • Please provide the Pro Shop with 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel a tee time by calling (503)645-1101.
  • Failure to cancel will result in a NO SHOW.  If you accumulate (2) NO SHOWS, you will lose your ability to book online tee times.
  • We are moving our online tee time booking access from 6 am to 7 am beginning Monday, May 11th. This means instead of being able to book tee times beginning at 6am for the week ahead, you now won’t be able to log on and reserve a tee time until 7am. You may also continue to call the golf shop at that time to book a tee time.
  • Members will NOT be allowed to book a 2nd tee time for 18 holes in the same day. If you must play 36 holes, your 2nd round will have to be on a waitlist basis. 
  • We will still allow an individual to book a tee time for a group if they are doing so as the designated representative. We ask that your group selects one person to organize and make tee times on your collective behalf. To book a time for your group, you must have the names of each member playing. If you do not, or part of you group fails to show up, this will be considered an NO SHOW. 
  • If you still find it difficult to get onto the tee sheet, please call the golf shop and we can put you on a waitlist. This has been very successful. Once we get a cancellation, we check the waitlist for that day and make calls until the tee time has been filled. 


A Note Regarding RCCC Staff Breaks

I want to thank our Members for being so courteous, up-beat and complimentary of our Staff in the recent weeks. Our goal is always to provide the best service we can to our Members and I personally feel my employees all go above and beyond to ensure our Members are happy, even during a pandemic.

Now that we are limiting the Pro Shop staff to working one-at-a-time (with the exception of Saturdays) for safety reasons, there may be some situations where Staff cannot react to every request. There may be times where an employee needs a break for a meal or to use the restroom, when they will not be reachable. If this happens, please look around for someone from Outside Services/Carts to assist you. If no one is available, and you need to check in for your tee time or rent a cart, we will use the honor system and assume you will check in with us at the end of your round and make an effort to tee off at your scheduled time. 

Thank you for your understanding.


April Shahum




April 15th, 2020

Carts Service to Resume this Friday, April 17th
We are please to announce we are bringing back cart rentals as of Friday, April 17th as we have secured and trained full-time staff dedicated to cleaning and monitoring the rental of these carts. Anyone who is on the annual cart program will be guaranteed a cart for their scheduled tee time. The remainder of the carts will be available as day-of cart rentals on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that it is not guaranteed a cart will be available for rent if you are not participating in the annual program.
Those who are participating in the cart program will not be charged for the remainder of the month of April and this time period will be applied towards their credit for the month of March.



April 10th, 2020

A huge thank you to our Members for supporting our Club and employees through this time. Please read our updates immediately below to learn about the latest operational changes happening at RCCC:

Postponement of Aerification

We are so happy that we are finally seeing some nice spring weather! The last thing we want to do is keep our Members away from the course, so we will be postponing aerification (Previously scheduled for April 14-15th). Instead, our awesome Superintendents have devised an alternative plan for the time being that will hold us over: This includes continuing to verticut, applying a product to reduce thatch and needle-tining the greens.

Carts Service to Resume Soon

We are currently working on bringing cart rentals back. Please bear with us as we find dedicated staff and establish a cleaning regimen that will allow us to safely provide this service once again. Stay tuned for when and how this will resume.

Tee Time Intervals

We want to thank and recognize how diligent our Membership has been about physical distancing when in the common/practice areas. Therefore, we are going to decrease tee time intervals from 12 minute spacing to 10. This should allow us to accommodate more tee times every day. Please continue to arrive no more than 10-15 minutes before your tee time and observe physical distancing.

Face Masks

The CDC recently announced they recommend Americans wear face coverings or cloth masks when in public. We also recommend this when you are golfing. It is not required but a good idea to bring along with you and wear when you are golfing with anyone outside your immediate household (Please still observe physical distancing).

This link from the CDC’s website has a great video on how to create a quick cloth covering(no sewing required), as well as other recommendations:


Cancelling Tee Times

Please remember to call the Pro Shop if you need to cancel your tee time. It is difficult for our staff to see when you cancel your reservation using our online system, so we appreciate our Members calling our shop directly: (503) 645-1101. We have had some issues with no-shows, so the Pro Shop reserves the right to disable online booking for an individual if this happens more than once. Thank you for your help!

Day-of Tee Times: Standby List 

If you wake up and find yourself wanting a tee time but you forgot to make one, please call the Pro Shop in the morning and ask to be put on the standby list.The Pro Shop will call golfers on the standby list as space becomes available (due to day-of cancellations).




MARCH 31st, 2020

After some confusion surrounding today's executive order, we are pleased to announce that we have received clarification from the Governor's office specifying golf courses may stay open for business provided they are following social distancing and safety precautions:

"Golf is allowed as long as the social distancing measures are in place, country club activities for a gathering would not be allowed. We categorized golf similar to a hike or outdoor activity, rather than through “essential travel” which is meant to stop vacations."

Leah Horner 

Regional Solutions Director 

Jobs & Economy Policy Advisor

Office of Governor Kate Brown 

The Club has implemented additional measures to ensure Member safety:
  • The temporary suspension of Clubs and pot games to discourage social grouping (Tee times will still be available).
  • Tee times will be spaced out in 12 minute increments instead of 10.
  • The Clubhouse Locker Rooms will be shut as we cannot police these spaces. Should you need to get into your locker, a member of staff will let you in to access your belongings. We will not be charging locker rental fees at this time.
  • We will be waiving the Food & Beverage minimum for quarter 1.
  • Member-owned carts should only be shared by those living together: family, roommates or partners.
  • Additional course Marshall shifts to maintain safety.
  • Those not abiding by social distancing rules will be asked to leave.
  • Paperless Scoring-We will temporarily halt posting scores in the golf shop. Instead, please post your score online by visiting:  www.ghin.com/login. You may also download the app on your phone (called “GHIN Mobile” by USGA) to post your score as your play your round. You will need your GHIN number to post your score. If you don’t know what your GHIN number ism please call the Pro Shop at (503) 645-1101.
We will continue to maintain the following policies we announced last week:

Golf: Open Tee Times for the Foreseeable Future

We are moving all golf to open tee times and will not be using the shotgun format for the next month. We will not allow walk-ons, so please make a tee time in advance or we will be forced to turn people away.

Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time so we can avoid too many people congregating in one place.

Club Play

Club play is suspended as are pot games at this time.   

The Pro Shop

Member’s will not have access inside the Pro Shop. Instead, all but one door will be locked and a table will be placed as a protective barrier in case Member’s wish to purchase vending or charge something to their account. Please note, we are only accepting the following payment methods for Pro Shop purchases: Charges to Member Accounts and credit cards called in over the phone. We will not be accepting cash or physical swiping credit/debit cards for any transactions, including dues.

Cart Rentals

Power rental carts are no longer available. Anyone on the annual cart program will not be charged for the month of April and will receive an extra credit equivalent to half a month (to make of for the second half of March) once this program resumes. Complimentary pull carts will be available and will be sanitized with bleach after every use.  Member carts are still allowed on the course.

The Driving Range

The Driving Range is closed due to an inability to guarantee sanitization of baskets and balls. 

Practice Areas (Chipping & Putting)

These areas are ONLY available to Members in the 15 minutes immediately prior to their scheduled tee time. Member’s must abide by the 6 foot physical distances rule if there is another party using the area. We will not let individuals or groups use the practice areas without a tee time.

Posting Scores

We will temporarily halt posting scores in the golf shop for our Members. Please post your score online when you get home by visiting: https://www.ghin.com/login. You will need your GHIN number to do so. Please call the Pro Shop at (503) 645-1101 if you don’t know what your GHIN number is. Alternatively, you may download the app on your phone (“GHIN Mobile” by USGA) to post your score before you leave our facility.

Beverage Cart Service

A government mandate went into effect that we cannot sell any food or beverages that can be consumed on-site, so cart service is suspended until this mandate is lifted


Beer and wine are still being sold in the Pro Shop and count towards your F&B minimum. However, these cannot be consumed on the course or on campus.

Course Opening Hours:

7:30am-5:30pm daily

The Grill/Clubhouse

The Grill and the Clubhouse will be closed for the next four weeks (The locker rooms will remain open, however). There will be no weekly Wednesday Night Supper service until we are able to open back up.

Food & Beverage Minimums

Minimums for this quarter will be reduced to $75.00 instead of $90.00. You may still buy alcohol through the Pro Shop to count towards your minimum. 

Special Events

All special events, including catered member events, are cancelled through the month of April. If you have any questions, please contact the events team at events@rockcreekcc.com. We will be reaching out to our clients to reschedule events, if possible.

The Business Office

Our Business Office staff will be working from home the majority of the time but can be reached via email for all questions or issues. 

Billing questions: office@rockcreekcc.com  

Membership contract questions: manager@rockcreekcc.com 

Changes to the Course/Play:

  • Please be cautious to carefully remove the ball- avoiding touching the cup as much as possible. 
  • We would encourage everyone to play “gimmes” within your group,
  • Water jugs, rakes and ball washers are being removed- please bring your own water. Avoid using benches.
  • Course bathrooms will stay open and will be sanitized twice a day- mornings and afternoons

Please note that this is our current plan for the near future, but it is subject to change. It is our pleasure to continue to serve you while at the same time taking steps to keep our Members and Staff safe. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take things day-by-day.


April Shahum

General Manager, Rock Creek Country Club


Pro Shop Contact Info:

Phone: (503)645-1101

Email: golfshop@rockcreekcc.com